Gun Barrell Pathfinders

Gun Barrell Pathfinders

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Gun Barrell Pathfinders is open to all children aged between 5 to 12 years old. Our clubs. Our Young Pathfinder program is a survival & adventure based activity club.

Each week the Pathfinders will be learning new skills how to survive in the wild, or taking part in adventurous activities or embarking on mini adventures.

We meet at our woodland Outdoor learning centre in Lount LE67 8JH on Saturday mornings at 11am to 1pm

The costs are initially pay as you go (£7 per child per session) for the first 4 weeks, then if you wish to stay on and become a member the cost is £25.50pcm and payable by direct debit each month.The First session is free, so come along and find out what exciting things we have planned