Tactical Load & Shoot Challenge
Tactical Load & Shoot Challenge

Tactical Load & Shoot Challenge

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Our tactical load and shoot challenges are great fun and offer that friendly bit of competition between friends/ colleagues.

After a safety brief and familiarisation training with the weapons you will use, you will go head to head. 

On the table in front of you will be an assault rifle and pistol, both unloaded.. when the whistle goes you will have to load the pistol first and empty the magazine on target then repeat with the rifle.. 

Can you load your weapon and shoot with accuracy under pressure? 

Duration: 1.5hrs

Cost £30 per person

Minimum group size: 2

Maximum group size: 10

Dates & Times available:

Every Monday to Thursday 10am to 2pm

Saturday 2pm to 5pm

Please contact us prior to booking to confirm your time and date: