Our Centre

We show you what you can expect at our woodland

Welcome to our Outdoor Learning Centre

Below is some brief information of what you can expect at our woodland. Our site is constantly being improved, with plans to build a new car park with direct access from the main road, a cabin for our office, a new indoor shooting range and many more projects all coming soon.
Parachute Shelter
Underneath a 38ft parachute is our entertainment area. This dry space is the perfect area for entertainment.
Large Open Areas
These large areas provide massive space for our wide games including our Nerf Battle Royale and Adventures in the forbidden forest.
Survival & Bushcraft
In the forest we have areas that are allocated for survival experiences. Build shelters, make fire, find water, cook food - survive!
Field Kitchen
This small cabin is where we serve food from. It is also available for customers to use to store any food or other items during their visit with us
Fire Pit
This is our main entertainment/ meeting area. Underneath a 38ft parachute, It is a brilliant space to share stories or cook some food
The Poo Room
No woodland should be without one.. This is version 3 of our composting loo. It is clean and eco-friendly and completely covid secure
Beautiful Woodland
Nearly 10 acres of ancient Oaks dominate this woodland site. A truly magical location
Secret Pathways
In our woodland there are secret pathways that disappear. Whether you are exploring for Horcrux or fairies. See where they take you
Our pond for water based activities, from survival skills to conservation
Archery Range
Our 15 metre archery range is used at our clubs, Birthday parties and open events.
Fun for all whether your 5 or 105 years old.. Everyone enjoys the swing
There are always fun adventurous activities at Pathfinder Adventures.
Shooting Range
We have a 12 metre air rifle range. Participants get to use a variety of air weapons including airsoft rifles & pistols