In School Residentials

Bringing the experience of a residential camp to your grounds

Welcome to the Adventure

We have a range of portable outdoor learning activities which our team can bring to you and run in the safety of your school grounds.

Our School Camps are an ideal introduction to a residential experience away from home whilst still in familiar surroundings. Teachers have less to organise and most importantly, parents have the comfort of knowing their children are safe and just down the road.

Pathfinder Adventures, offer a truly unique outdoor learning experience with the emphasis on engaging and teaching children valuable life skills in a supported, supervised and safe outdoor environment. Young people are taught practical skills that encourage independence and social interaction, with the emphasis on fun and exploring the outdoors

We truly believe in giving children the best possible experience in a safe environment but pushing the boundaries a little to allow children to find their limitations.

Our in school camps can give the opportunity to provide children with a low cost first residential experience and a chance of adventure, which they may otherwise, never get.

We use the outdoors as a rich resource to simulate a sense of adventure, to build skills and open children's eyes and ears to the wonder of the world around them.