About Us
Hi, my name is Craig Reynolds.. I am the Managing Director & Senior Instructor of Pathfinder Adventures and I enjoy adventure and exploring as much as the kids.

Pathfinder Adventures originally started as a survival club for children. It was a way to get children outdoors, off screens and to experience the kind of elemental play that past generations took for granted, before Play stations, Ipads and Mobile.

This is what inspired me to set up Pathfinder Adventures, a truly unique outdoor learning experience with the emphasis on engaging and teaching children valuable life skills in a supported, supervised and safe outdoor environment. Young people are taught practical skills that encourage independence and social interaction, with the emphasis on fun and exploring the outdoors

We truly believe in giving children the best possible experience in a safe environment but pushing the boundaries a little to allow children to find their limitations.

Since we started back in 2015 we have evolved into a well established business working with schools, councils & businesses. We run themed holiday clubs, offer various themed Birthday parties, work within the Home education network and offer our own mini adventurers programme for under 5's.

We have a programme that is ever evolving with over 200 activities that we incorporate into all areas of our business.

Unlike Scouts we dont have badges that can be sewn on a jumper however children will have the opportunity to earn awards and certificates and will have the opportunity to take the lead in different activities and scenarios.

All instructors are poised to lead and provide life skills to the Young Pathfinders and at the same time give them a fun and exhilarating experiences. That they will remember for life.