Spy Party
Spy Party
Spy Party
Spy Party

Spy Party

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You children will be enrolled to the Special Operations Division and train to become Field Agents of the Pathfinders Intelligence Agency.

This 2 hour party will run through the main aspects of training to become a spy. 

What to expect from our Spy party:

Field Training - Every spy needs to get in or out of a situation, here we teach lock picking skills starting with escaping handcuffs

Trade craft training - Code breaking and ciphers

Surveillance training - spy gadgets and listening devices

Tactical training - pistol shooting techniques including quick draw and room clearance

The mission - Locate the bomb, crack the code and deactivate the device

Cost £150 for 12 children 
Additional Children £10 per child

Additional Activities 

Sniper Shooting                                               £30
Unarmed combat - Disarm techniques            £30
Field training - Obstacle course                       £45 (only at our woodland)



 *We reserve the right to change the activities listed which may be tailored to the age of the group

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