Zombie Apocalypse Experience

It's Back!!
Our Zombie Apocalypse Experience, only this time its bigger and better!
More Zombies
More Explosions
More Weapons. 

These have been trying times ever since the zombies came. It is your job to protect your village and stop the zombie invasion. Train with elite instructors from the Pathfinders Z-Team. Learn essential skills of survival and stealth. Battle zombies and guide your ragtag band away from the shambling hordes and into the safety of the wilderness.

Learn vital survival skills such as making a smokeless fire, safely harvest wild edible plants and build invisible shelters the zombies will never find. You will also learn how to plan your Bug out Bag. Gain the experience to not only to survive, but thrive.

Stealth and Invisibility How do you move through the shadows unseen? What is the perfect camouflage to disguise your scent from the zombies? You will learn the art of stealth and evasion in order to evade the zombie hordes. 

What are best strategies when you are going on the offensive and planning a zombie ambush? Our expert instructors teach to you to set up explosive perimeter defences and booby traps.

Learn Zombie Recon and Join the ranks of our elite squad while learning to move invisibly on the front-lines of the zombie invasion. Take part in our intensive weapons training session, learning to use rifles, pistols and improvised weapons such as baseball bats and axes to crossbows to use in intensive zombie battle tactics.

How will you cope with coming face to face with a zombie?

Learn battlefield first aid in the event of a zombie bite or extensive trauma, this is no ordinary first aid lesson, you will need to be creative in finding resources you can use and protect the health of your team.

Will they make it out alive??

We are one of the only companies in the UK to be running this kind of event for children!

"The bigger picture here is we're trying to teach kids how to survive any kind of disaster, with the undertones of zombies,"

The kids learn potential life-saving skills that could be used in any kind of disaster including a zombie apocalypse.

This will be a full on day, full of exciting and interesting activities that will leave your children buzzing for days :)

The cost of this event is: £35 per child 

Spaces are limited - Booking Essential 

This event is for children aged between 10 and 15 years old

Full payment is required at the time of booking!

Location will be at our main Base Camp in Coleorton

To Book please email survival@youngpathfinders.com or text 07772 704735 or call 0330 6600637

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