Where has the time gone?

Young pathfinders is almost Five years old! I cant believe how time flies so quickly when your having fun :)

We started off in Battram with one club, 10 children and within six weeks we were full with 30 children. From then it has been a roller coaster ride of new clubs, working with preschools, primary and secondary schools, other businesses, the county council, the National Forest, ADHD Solutions, the Institute of outdoor Learning and the armed forces Covenant.

We started off just using public land and community centres and continued like this for about 12 months, before a local farmer in bagworth let us use some woodland. It was a young woodland but set around a lake and was a great starting point for us to start running family days.

However it was always our ambition to work up to our woodland and so the search continued. At this point we started a club in Ibstock and shortly after we had been running for a while we were granted permission to use some woodland at the back of Ibstock/ Battram from Holmesdale Nursery. Here we started running our holiday survival clubs and camps.

Having ran our activities successfully from here for around six months it was by chance that I was on my way home from Staunton Harold and I spotted a sign saying woodland to let!

This was exciting times and after making contact with the owner and having a look at various parcels of land that were available, I finally settled on the woodland that we still have to this very day!

We started off with 4.5 acres and now have 17 acres amidst a massive 400 acre forest!

We love our woodland, it is a secure and a safe private woodland, we have recently installed new gates and fences securing the whole site.

Our facilities are currently being improved. The Field kitchen and outdoor classroom will be having a new roof. The roads to the site will be repaired, the shooting/ archery range will have a make over improving the area for all year round access.. The children's assault course will get some new obstacles and we will be building a adult course with zip line.

The car park is due for improvement and to make it slightly larger to incorporate 20 cars..

We have an ambitious plan to open 2 new clubs every month for the next 3 years. Hopefully by the end of this we will have 100 clubs and around 800 to 1200 children attending our clubs each week. Thats MASSIVE eeek :)

We are recruiting for part time instructors, so if you are interested and think you have what it takes to be a Pathfinders Instructor? Get in Touch!

There is so much more to come.. watch this space!

Next March 2020, we will be having a Birthday party in the woodland.. more details to follow closer to the time ...

We hope to see you there

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