What a busy month

So I thought that when the holidays were over I would get a break and things would move along "steady as she goes". As the saying goes! 

But no, this month has been manic from the word go. As soon as I got back from my holiday I visited the woods to see what jobs we have to do throughout the winter, and I can tell you the list is endless... from building a huge outdoor classroom/ that doubles as dinner hall/ stage etc to putting in paths, clearing shrubbery/ brambles, to building the new car park and office and working on the outdoor nursery.

Not to mention all the clubs that require planning, ordering consumables, hiring more staff, opening new clubs, working in schools and plan all the upcoming activity days including the upcoming and sold out Zombie Apocalypse Experience. Oh and of course we have our upcoming half term Survival School in October. 

Well I better get on with it then :)

I will speak to you guys soon


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