Nerf Tactical Challenge

Its Back!!

Our Popular Nerf Tactical Challenger event will on Saturday 25th November, 1.45pm to 3.15pm

This is our last Nerf Tactical Challenge this year, for a fun and stimulating few hours of fun then book onto this exciting Nerf Tactical Challenge day for children aged 7 - 13 years old. 1.5 hours of all action Nerf challenges, from tactical move and shoot to sniper competitions to favourite games such as capture the flag, shoot the captain, bunker buster, protect the president and my old favourite "Medic" and more...

Refreshments included!

Bring your own guns! We do have eye protection available however some children find them uncomfortable so please feel free to bring your own (sun glasses, swimming goggles, safety glasses etc)

We can only take a maximum of 30 children, so please BOOK early to avoid disappointment...

£10 per child

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